by charlesweeks February 11, 2020

Yupelet has a shake up!

You might have noticed that Yupelet has had a brand new refresh! It has been a long 10 years since the last update and it was definitely needed!

One of our tenants in our property, 202 High Street, stepped up to do the brand refresh. She was working as a graphic designer at the time so she did it in her spare time after work.  We are delighted with it, do you like it?

Diony, a local marketing agency, rebuilt the whole website following the new design brief along with a new mobile optimised website. Tenants of ours now can now quickly fill the “book maintenance” form out on our website which gets sent directly to our maintenance team.  Those looking to view properties can also book a viewing via the “book viewing” button.

What a way to kick start our 2020 adventure! Lots more to come very shortly.

January was extremely busy for us at Yupelet, letting lots of rooms along with the rebrand and new website! Get in contact if you are still looking for a property to share with fellow young professionals in Hull.

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