Q: Are there any utility bills a tenant pays for?

No - gas, water, electric, council tax, sky tv (basic package), local telephone calls, TV license and broadband internet are all included.

Q: I want to move out before the end of my tenancy

On an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, you're legally bound until the end of your tenancy period. We will however make every effort to fill your room thereby reducing your liability or we can end your tenancy if you find a replacement.

Q: What is the minumum contract term?

All contracts run for a minimum of 6 months although special requests will be considered.

Q: Can I pay my rent using post-dated cheques?

Standing Orders are a more efficient way of paying and collecting your rent. If there is a reason why you are unable to set up a SO, then we'll be happy to listen and try and help you.

Q: Is there a deposit or bond?

No bond, instead tenants pay monthly in advance. Zero admin fee too.

Q: Are pets allowed in Yupelet properties?


Q: Can couples share a houseshare room?

Rooms are for single occupancy only. However, we do have suitable flats for couples (please see dedicated section on the website).

Q: What happens if there is a clash of personalities with other housemates?

This very rarely happens but if in the unusual circumstance that this does occur, we will gladly relocate you to one of our other landlords properties.

Q: I am a student, can my parents pay for my rent?

Anyone can pay rent on your behalf. However, the legal responsibility lies with you.